Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is a pump that is used to remove water that has been collected in water-collecting sump basin (sump pit), found in the basement of homes. The sump pit also has a cover to prevent debris going in. There are two types of sump pumps, submersible and pedestal. A pedestal sump pump is mounted above the sump pit, more conspicuous, and loud. A submersible sump pump itself is completely submerged in the sump pit and produces less noise. ABS piping is fitted from the sump pump, outside. In commercial buildings, sump pits are commonly found in the boiler room. Water gets accumulated in the sump pit by natural underground water or from a drain of a waterproofing system that is connected to the pit. The sump pump system is used when the water table is fairly higher than the footing of a home or to divert basement foundation leaks by installing an internal waterproofing system or connecting the external weeping tiles into the sump pit.

When the water level in the pit rises to a specific level, the lever/float attached to the pump will activate and discharge the water outside via ABS piping. There are different horsepower pumps for different pits. The bigger the pit, the more horsepower a sump pump should be. The more powerful the pump the faster the water will discharge from the sump pit. Some pump pumps are also battery activated using a marine deep cycle battery and a secondary sump pump. A Battery backup sump pump provides uninterrupted pumping in the event of power outage or main pump failure; the sump pit will not overflow and flood the basement.

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